Knowing and doing what works for you is wisdom; Connecting to a Grace that works for you is the best thing that can happen to you.

   The ministry of Dr. Chris Okafor has positively impacted so many lives all over the world. Dr. Chris Okafor who is a widely travelled man of God has visited almost all the continents of the world propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ with healing, deliverance, salvation, breaking foundational barriers e.t.c as its primary focus. Thousands of testimonies have been recorded as a result of the move and the power of God upon his life and ministry.

     The television arm of the ministry known as Liberation TV and our presence on the various social media platforms have contributed in no small way to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people who call and  send us messages  on a daily basis that they desire to have a one on one encounter and impartation with the generational Prophet Dr Chris Okafor.

     In order to meet with the demands of our international audience, viewers and partners, a special programme known as INTERNATIONAL VISITORS IMPARTATION [IVI} has been put in place to enable all our foreign guest meet with the generational Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor one on one. Therefore, the first edition of the INTERNATIONAL VISITORS IMPARTATION {IVI} for the year 2020 comes up from 20th through 26th of April.