How to Boost Your Relationship With God

Just as humans are born as babies and grow and mature over time, followers of Jesus also need to mature and grow which takes intentional effort and discipline. “That you may become mature Christians and that you may fulfill God’s will for you.” Col 4:12 

To effectively share Jesus with those around us we need the well of our relationship with Him to be full — then we share Jesus out of the overflow that is within us. So how do we keep the well full?

Here are three(3) ways to grow as a Christian…

1. Give time to God and read the Bible
You can’t get to know someone if you don’t spend time with them — the same is true of God. If you want to grow closer to Him, make time to read His word. Be hungry for Him. Through the Bible that we find out what God is like and how He works.

2. Don’t forget to pray
Communication is vital for any relationship so talking to God and allowing space for Him to speak to you is really important. Don’t just ask for things, also say thank you for what you’ve been given and speak your worship of God out loud.

3. Build connections that will support your faith
Forming relationships with other people who also want to live lives that honour God is really helpful. Being part of a community of people committed to following Jesus can motivate you, provide support if you’re struggling and allow you to encourage others with the same desire. 
 Invest in your relationship with God. Make it healthy and strong so that your life can show others what a difference knowing Jesus can make.

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