Dr Chris Okafor


Dr. Chris Okafor is a dynamic multi-faceted preacher the Lord has decanted His spirit upon, elevated him high in the divine echelon of grace and power which has propelled him to mega dimensions of barrier breaking in Christendom.

He is the senior pastor of Grace Nation International a.k.a Liberation City registered as Mountain of Liberation and Miracles Ministries, the chief host and president of Liberation TV worldwide, the stalwart of Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries (COWOM), the grand patron of Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation (COHF) and the provost of the Liberation Bible Institute.

Dr. Chris Okafor is a progeny of Christ, bestowed with the fivefold ministry gifts of our Lord Jesus Christ. A dynamic teacher with a plethora of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the word of God and divine ability to decipher, decrypt and demystify the deeper meanings and messages of the bible hereby delivering to mankind God’s epistle; An Evangelist with a great mandate by Jehovah to snatch one billion souls into the kingdom and this great mandate he has relentlessly and resiliently worked to attain, exceed and supersede going from nation to nation through his outreach ministry, Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries (COWOM), taking the great gospel of hope, healing and deliverance of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world; An apostle who has effectively by the Spirit of God raised, mentored and turned ordinary men to extra ordinary men who are now pastors of the different branches of the church all over the world; The senior pastor of Grace Nation Worldwide, he has by his great leadership and spiritual paternity led a mega church with several followers, stalwarts, spiritual children and partners all over the world; As a prophet he is referred to as the “ORACLE OF GOD” and “THE GENERATIONAL PROPHET”.

Dr. Chris Okafor started prophesying at the age of 8 years old and as by the spirit of God enhanced his prophetic gift and is presently the voice of God to the world and is accredited with some of the most precise prophecies the world over with verifiable evidences. He is blessed with the ability to travel far and deep by the spirit of God into the past, present and future with discerning abilities to predict, predetermine, prevent both spiritual and physical occurrences both positive and negative with solutions and answers.

‘The Oracle’ Dr. Chris Okafor is of an extremely humble upbringing, growing up in a family of eight (8) children, his father as a road side carpenter and his mother a vegetable seller but he epitomizes a true example of a great and extra ordinary man exempted by grace for the propagation of his great for the divine manifestion of God’s supreme ability to choose a man for the propagation of his great work. He grew up in Benin City, Nigeria and is a graduate of Business Administration from the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma in Edo state, Nigeria.

Dr. Chris Okafor presently resides in Lagos and is blessed with (4) wonderful children. He is as well an avid writer and the author several books which include ‘The Jink Breaker”, “Dealing with the Family Pattern and Altar”, “Enemies behind the Scene”, “Serving God the Key to Deliverance”, Altar for Altar”, “The Father and the Blessing”, Dealing with Spiritual Husband and Wife” amongst others.