The Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation driven by a deep resilient compassion for humanity. COHF has consistently and relentlessly put the immediate needs of humanity at the fore front of it’s existence ensuring the enrichment, empowerment of lives and eradication of humanities greastest deprivations,vis a vis, poverty, homelessness, hopelessness, unemployment, illiteracy, hunger, amongst others. COHF has by the vision of its stalwart.

Dr. Chris Okafor, which is to ensure total liberation of mankind, helped in enriching lives, empowering individuals both viia vocational training and financial support, giving food to the widows, orphans and destitute, help many young fellows to stay in school and has aided unemployed youths to be entrepreneurial and get off the labour market.

The Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation(COHF) has array of projects and programmes which it has used to continually affect lives in positive ways through support from friends and partners, some of these include:

  • COHF Widows Enrichment Programme (The Shunamite Project)
  • COHF Grace Nation Skill Acquisition (GNSA)
  • COHF Feed the Nation and World (Manna project) & (Five and Two Project)
  • COHF Entrepreneurial programme

The Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation has partner with several local and foreign partners to take medical care, portable water, power/alternative energy and micro housing to the most remote places of the world in the near future to help improve livelihood for humanity. The Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation continually attains these objectives through continued support of its valued partners.