Grace Nation


Dr. Chris Okafor journeyed down to Lagos State like every ambitious young man coming from a struggling family in the village to look for greener pastures in the City. He got to Lagos and saw people dropping at Berger and so decided to drop not even knowing where he was going to and having nothing but a black polythene bag which contained his only pair on knicker and trouser.

He found a school in Omole and started sleeping there. He spoke to the gate man who allowed him sleep there at night and in the morning before the students started arriving, he would set out for his regular evangelism. He would preach and minister to people not even knowing where the next meal was going to come from.

The struggles continued this way, with some days being as bad as having no food to eat and washing and wearing the same clothes. This lasted for about ten to eleven months. One day an Anglican priest saw him and admired his passion for evangelism and took him in into his own house. In 2003, the church started in the house of this priest. This was a rented apartment in No. 3 Egin street Ojodu, Lagos State. The meetings started as Tuesday counselling where people came as early as 5-6 am to pick up tallies and wait their turns to be ministered to. There as such revival power and not too long the whole area recognised there was a young man whom the Lord is using mightily in this place. Some Tuesdays had over 150 people in attendance and this made the landlord very uncomfortable.

The meetings could no longer hold in the house and had to be moved to a rented hall in a school premises called Prismoni close to Zenith Bank Ojodu along Aina Street. The church now had Tuesday and Sunday services it was a capacity hall of 200 people but not too long after the halls could not contain the people and canopies were rented and placed outside to accommodate the overflow. Services were now reaching approximate 350-400 worshippers. The proprietress of the school was no longer comfortable with surge in attendance and instructed the church to vacate having frustrated several meetings with forced closure of the halls and police arrests.

God was still proving Himself and doing mighty things despite the frustrations and not too long after He provided a land behind the school in a street called Bashiru street, number 9. This street used to be opposite the defunct Bank PHB. The property didn’t belong to the church but was on lease. It was at foundation level, so we raised the structure up till roof level. There was explosion and the church continued to grow and God was glorifying His name doing awesome miracles and signs. The space was no longer sufficient for us and we had to also put canopies on the street. Then, residents of that street were not happy because they felt our services disrupted their parking and were sometimes hostile to the church.

God was still at work and eventually we got a piece of Land at No. 9 Oshofisan Street, Off Odozi Street by Ereke Bus Stop, Ojodu Berger Lagos. which has been our abode till date. Grace Nation with its worshippers numbering over 30,000, owns about 80% of the properties along the street.


To reach the world with prophetic mantle, commanding total liberation, deliverance and restoration for all round upliftment and fulfilment.


To take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world, fulfilling the great commission and liberating mankind from the kingdom of darkness by prophetic intervention, depopulating the kingdom of darkness and making Jesus popular, turning sinners to saints.


Snatch them from the world, teach them, deliver them, preserve them and keep them rapturable.


Love, Accountability, Righteousness, Discipline, Excellence and Friendliness. As at today, Grace Nation has 62 Branches all around the world.